What is Lightroom?

Lightroom is a photo editing application made by Adobe. It's extremely powerful and my favorite way to edit all of my photos. I prefer to use Lightroom vs Photoshop as it's easier to learn, has a great workflow, and allows for presets to be used!

How do I download TGE Presets?

Once you purchase a preset, you will have the option to download the file. You will also receive an email with this digital preset so you can access anywhere. Head to the "How To" page for step by step instructions. 

How do I install TGE Presets?

Installing the presets in Lightroom is incredibly easy and only takes a minute to set up. Head to the "How To" page for step by step instructions. 

Will I have to do anything after I apply TGE presets?

It totally depends on the photo you're applying the preset too! I would recommend applying and then getting a gauge of what's missing. You can make small adjustments while keeping the preset tone. First and foremost, if the image is too bright or too dark adjust the exposure. Then you can slightly adjust the contrast, highlights and shadows to your liking. 

Can I use TGE Presets on my mobile?

While these presets are meant for Lightroom desktop, there's now a way to sync them with Lightroom Classic CC -- the cloud-based version which has a mobile app version. So yes --  you can! Head to the "How To" page for step by step instructions. 

Can I also edit my photos in Photoshop with TGE Presets?

Actually, you can! I've included a bonus .XMP file set for editing your RAW images in Photoshop as well.

What camera and lens do you shoot with?

I shoot with a Canon 70D and a Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art lens

Why are TGE Presets sold individually and not by package?

As this is a new offering under The Grey Edit, I wanted to first get a sense of which presets you like the most! Then I plan to sell these presets in packages of 3, 5 and 10. Yes 10 -- there's more coming :).

Why are TGE Presets non-refundable?

Unfortunately since I cannot guarantee getting the presets back, I cannot offer refunds.